IASI-SOFRID database


The Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) was launched in October 2006 onboard the first MetOp satellite. This instrument primarily dedicated to measure meteorological parameters, also enables to characterize the atmospheric content of chemical species such as ozone (O3) and carbon monoxide (CO). At Laboratoire d’Aérologie we developed the SOftware for Fast Retrievals of IASI Data (SOFRID) to retrieve O3 and CO vertical profiles. This software is based on the 1D-Var module from the Met-Office coupled to the RTTOV fast radiative transfer code developed within the EUMETSAT NWP SAF.

This website enables the visualisation of IASI-SOFRID CO and O3 data daily averaged  on a 1°x1° grid. It is also possible to download the corresponding files in NetCdf format. The original pixel data (12 km footprint) in HDF format are also available by request to the contact emails given below.


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SOFRID-O3 v3.5: improvements of tropospheric Ozone retrievals using climatological a priori profiles

For the first time, we have implemented a comprehensive dynamical a priori profile which takes the pixel location, time and tropopause height into account for IASI O3 retrievals . The use of this dynamical a priori profile largely improves the retrievals concerning two main aspects: (i) it corrects high biases for low-tropospheric O3 regions such as […]

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Metop/IASI tropospheric nitrous oxide (N2O) validated with global NDACC-FTIR data

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is the third most important greenhouse gas (GHG) after carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). Its global warming potential is about 300 times larger than CO2 for a 100 year timescale. Surface in-situ observations show that N2O is steadily rising since the 1970’s. This positive trend is mostly caused by the rapid […]